About Holly

img_4203Who am I?  Isn’t that what an About page is for? But how do you define that which is always evolving?  And really, that’s what my blog is about; the never-ending journey of discovery.  The discovery of who I am, and what makes me tic.  I recognize that every experience I have survived to the present colors my life today.  So, I write about what I know – life; the beautifully chaotic mess that marks my journey.  Authentic, real, and honest – for better or worse.

6 thoughts on “About Holly”

  1. LOVE IT!…your blog is written well and your message is right on target; we’ve even found we’ve had to create a “new normal” in our family as events have come our way. Keep your good adice coming. You are talented–you go, girl!

  2. Love the blog, Holly! How do you like WordPress? I’m on Blogspot and have wondered about the difference. You are in my blog reader and I’m looking forward to reading more!

    • Good to hear from you! I really like WordPress. Either there’s more flexibility or it’s just easier for me to understand. There was only so much I could do on Blogspot.

  3. Good morning! Really enjoyed your articles! Way to challenge our flesh!

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