Today I joined the iPhone world.  I upgraded from a 2-year-old Propel to an iPhone4.  The differences between my old phone, which I lovingly referred to as a dumb-phone, and my new smart-phone are too numerous to list.  But, if I were to make a comparison, it might be the same as the difference between my first Atari game system and the Wii my children have.  Technology is amazing and changing every second.

In my world, I am often reminded of the down side of technology.  Sex-ting, identity theft, internet addictions, & isolation are some of the problems our wired culture faces.  And then there’s porn.  We have come to a place where almost anyone who wishes to can view porn anywhere.  At times, I have even wondered who was looking at something they shouldn’t be while in church.  Because I deal with these issues via Steve’s work, my norm is technology is negative.  If I think about it long enough, it’s enough to make me want to go completely ‘unplugged’.  But, then there’s my shiny new iPhone and my giddiness over it causes me to remember that there are two sides to everything.

So, here’s my short list of some of the good things technology provides:


  1. Communicating when talking isn’t an option

And I’m not talking about texting in a movie or meeting because you can’t answer your phone.  While there are some who see these as assets to their lives, I want to go deeper than that.  There are times when things in our life overwhelm us.  Unexpected death, serious accidents, & family/personal crises can make it difficult to carry on a conversation.  Emotion is too high and words won’t come out.  But a quick text message can carry empathy, compassion and prayers without being intrusive.  Whether we are the one in crisis or the one wishing to reach out, a text or an IM can do wonders for our moral.  There have been many times I have been on the receiving end.  A text message as simple as “I love you” or “I’m praying” have done wonders for my spirit!

  1. Staying connected in your marriage   (This is probably my favorite!)

With jobs, children, and life in general, it can be extremely difficult to keep a strong connection with your spouse.  Before email and texting became so prevalent, there were weeks when it seemed Steve and I barely strung 3 sentences together.  Our lives seemed like a cycle of cooking, baths, homework, etc.  As email became more common, it got better, but honestly text messaging has been the best!  It took Steve a while to catch on, as there was a learning curve with texting, but once he got it – he got it!  Texting allows us to flirt shamelessly with each other no matter who is around.  From silly inside jokes and compliments, to making plans for alone time – it can all be done without anyone else’s knowledge.  If you haven’t used texting, email or IM for flirting with your spouse, I highly recommend you start!

  1. Maintaining long distance relationships

In my married life I have lived in 6 states.  In each place there are people who became part of my inner circle; the ones who knew me inside and out.  While I actually like to move and go new places, it was still a source of sorrow and loss.  There were always people I wanted to take with me when we left.  When I made my facebook account a little over 2 years ago, I never imagined how many people I would reconnect with!  We share pictures, ideas and everyday-little-things that make life exciting.  From my 87-year-old neighbor in North Carolina to new friends I recently made from Australia and Canada, I maintain relationships with each of them thanks to technology.

What about you?  What are some of the benefits of technology in your life?