Hiatus – a break or interruption in the continuity of a work, series, action, etc.  Or in this case a blog.  When I hear the word hiatus it conjures visions of a peaceful absence, something planned, something done with purposeful intention.  However, in the scheme of my crazy life a hiatus is never that neat and tidy.  It’s a byproduct of chaos not deliberate choice.

The end of school is always a hectic time so I took a week off.  A week turns into two and two into a month and before you know it the entire summer has gone by without one new post.  For most of June I felt guilty.  By August I didn’t care.  The good news is I had a wonderful summer; a summer that equipped me with lots of new ideas and more laughter than is probably legal.  (but would be taxed if a politician ever figured out how.)

The highlight of my summer was a 3240 mile road trip with my two youngest children, 14 and 12.  Yes, we drove from Dallas, TX to Riverhead, NY (WAY out on Long Island).  Why Riverhead?  My parents live there and my second oldest son was working as a camp counselor there all summer.  Honestly, I wanted to fly.  But, now that I have completely recovered from fanny fatigue, I am ever so thankful we drove.

Where else can you experience the delirium that makes chewing gum accidents funny, or laugh for 6 miles because your son, who rarely sings, burst out in an exuberant rendition of some Jason Derulo song?  When else would you sleep with a chair against the door because you check into the seediest hotel in Little Rock and are too tired to find another one?

The trip in itself was a hiatus too.  For 32 days we were away from our usual surroundings.  We experienced more in that short time that we might normally experience in a year.  Catching up with friends in TN, 20th high school reunion, visiting family in VA, driving through 11 states, New York City, a Broadway show – Yes, we got on each others nerves, but overall I think all three of us had a better time than we expected.

So, I’m back and I look forward to blogging more regularly.  If I hadn’t taken a break you might never get to hear about The Naked Grandma, loud talkers, a butt-scratching fast food employee, Wicked, being visually assaulted by boobs and who knows what else.

Admittedly, I tend to be one who feels guilty for not keeping up.  Rarely does anyone put pressure on me.  Then why am I an expert at pressuring myself to keep some perceived deadline.  Who knows?  My hiatus has taught me that it is good to step back, to take a break.  Whether that’s from a blog, your everyday routine or from self imposed obligations, there is untold value in stepping away, in doing things different.  So what?  I didn’t write a thing all summer, but the laughter and memories I found are worth much more.